Principal’s Desk

Zakir Husain Delhi College has played a pioneering role in the promotion of educational endeavours since its inception as a madrasa in the closing years of the seventeenth century. Our proud institution was at the heart of the Delhi Renaissance in the nineteenth century, that efflorescence of modern learning in a major intellectual and cultural centre of India.

Our scholarly lineage is a distinctive and syncretic tradition of learning, and the spirit of accommodation is demonstrated by the diverse backgrounds of our students. The motto of our college is “Live by Love” and our hallmark is the spirit of harmony.

Education at our institution is not merely restricted to the pursuit of information. We aim for holistic development of the individual under the guidance of our dedicated and talented faculty members. The pursuit of academic excellence goes hand in hand with a thriving cultural scene. The Arts and Culture Society provides students a platform to showcase their talents in different areas, the Debating Society is a vibrant intellectual ferment and has refined the eloquence of our students, and physical fitness and sports are key part of life at Zakir Husain Delhi College. The efforts of the NCC help instil a sense of discipline and selfless dedication to the nation.

Students of this college are encouraged to have scientific temper, a progressive outlook, and a thorough grounding in humanistic values. Their academic growth is further stimulated by organising conferences, workshops, memorial lectures, and various other academic activities throughout the year. A sense of mutual respect, decency, and politeness are an integral part of the conduct of our students.

In addition to their personal development, students are constantly sensitised towards the preservation of the natural environment and the college also ensures gender equality and social justice in its everyday practices. Together, they provide an environment for students to become academically successful and socially conscientious human beings.


Prof. Narendra Singh


Zakir Husain Delhi College,

University of Delhi.