Department of Bengali

Zakir Husain is one of the few colleges which offers Bengali at the BA (Hons.) and BA levels. Although it is a relatively small department, the faculty possesses extremely conscientious and inspiring teachers who have succeeded in kindling an interest in Bengali language amongst students. The department brings out a journal in Bengali called the “Zakir Husain College Patrika"

Courses: B.A. (Hons.) BENGALI

Bengali Literary Society

Coordinator- Dr. Sharmistha Sen

The academic year 2020-21 was not much eventful for Bengali Literary Society. We had just completed the 8th Gopa Dey Memorial Lecture on 6th March ’20 and the Covid-19 Pandemic struggle began.
The Department had managed to hold a Virtual Welcome Program for the students of the First Year on 17th February who were admitted online this year.
The Bengali Literary Society organized a 3-Day International Webinar on ‘Prabasi Jiban O Sanskriti’ (Bengali Diaspora life And culture) from 1st – 3rd February, 2021 with a collaboration of International Society of Bengal Studies.
A person cannot be confined to a particular geographical boundary of his birthplace forever. From time to time, he has to go out and venture for his wellbeing. Throughout the journey one carries with him/her one’s legacy, Language and past practices of homeland. He/she struggles to nurture the tradition there with hard work. But he is called a ‘PRABASI’ by the people of his native place which indicates his Pravaas– (a person driven out of his land). Thus, his sense of belongingness and identity hurts. We tried to put a question on this status of ‘PRABASI BANGALI’. for an answer— Is Bengali ‘Prabasi’ not a part of Bengali Life, Culture and Literature as a whole?
People from various parts and different walks of life came together in search for an identity through this webinar. Representations were there from North America to Japan, United Kingdom to Australia, Kuwait to Bangladesh and also people from all over India. Scholars and Cultural activists presented papers on PRABASI BANGALI. This webinar was inclusive in nature with participation of our colleagues from Bengali department of different colleges, University Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, our own colleagues from department of Hindi, English, Urdu, Arabic and Persian.
The Society along with its Department bid farewell to its Final year Students in an online platform the date being 9th May 2021.

Teacher In-Charge

Dr. Audwittee Benerjee
Associate Professor


Dr. Sharmistha Sen