Teachers Forms

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1.     Annual immovable property return download_button
2.    Application Form for Claiming Refund of Medical Expenses download_button
3.    Application form for leave download_button
4.    Application form for LTC/HTC advance download_button
5.    Application form for obtaining clearance certificate download_button
6.    Application form for advance/withdrawl provident fund download_button
7.    Certificate-A download_button
8.  Children education allowance & reimbursement form download_button
9.   Details of bank guest lectures payment form download_button
10.   E-mail-registration form(Teachers) download_button
11.   Request Form to Avail Direct Payment Facility download_button
12.   Identity card request form download_button
13.   Leave travel concession form download_button
14.   Attendance & Assignment Proforma for Guest Lecturer download_button
15.   Record of lectures download_button
16.   ZHDC Certificate – B download_button
17.   Application Form for New Wi-Fi Password download_button