Gender Equity

Gender Sensitization

Zakir Husain Delhi College is committed to the cause of gender equity. The College undertakes a number of activities through various committees and associations to create awareness on gender related issues and sensitise the different stakeholders of the institution.

For inculcating gender equity sensitization and equip the students with the ideas of gender studies, Zakir Husain Delhi College offersDSE, GE and SEC papers as part of curricularinitiatives.

To examine the question of gender along with intersectionalities of caste, race etc., a SEC paper titled Applied Gender Studies: Media Literacies and a GE paper titled Contemporary India: Women and Empowermentis offered by the Department of English. Another paper titled Women’s Writing isoffered as a core paper by the departmentto enable the students to understand the oppressive structures of patriarchy and the various forms of resistance by women against the same. Another SEC paper Literature in Cross Cultural Encounters and a GE paper Marginalities in Indian Writing are also offered by the Department in each of which a unit on Gender and caste isincluded.

Department of Philosophy offers apaper on Feminismas both GE and DSE to the students to discuss the philosophical underpinningsof the gender divide and to develop sound arguments to counter gender discrimination.

Department of Political Science offers two papers, namely, ‘Women, Power and Politics’ which questions the complicity of social structures in gender inequality and ‘Feminism: Theory and Practice’ to introduce the students to the contemporary debates on feminism.

Psychology department offers a paper named‘Psychology of Gender’ to discuss the gender and sex differences in terms of personalities, health and work-roles.

Hindi department offers a paper on gender issues titled ‘Asmita-moolak Vimarsh aur Hindi sahitya’.

We supplement our curricular approach to gender sensitisation by organising various co-curricular activities through Girls’ Association, Internal Complaints Committee, Gender Sensitisation Committee and Departmental Societies. These activities include webinars, lectures, interactive sessions with experts, openmic sessions, debates, theme-based competitions and cultural and art programmes.

Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan Gender Equity Events in ZHDC 2020-21

Facilities Provided for Women in Campus