Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy comprises a team of committed and vibrant teachers who stimulate, encourage and exhort the students to develop their intellectual and analytical abilities. The course for Philosophy (Hons.) is well suited for this. The BA Course and concurrent course papers are designed for students studying other disciplines to acquire an adequate knowledge of social values and practices.

Courses: B.A. (Hons.) PHILOSOPHY

Philosophy Society (The Monist)

Coordinator: Dr. C.V. Babu

In this academic session, the society organized the screening of three documentary films on different Philosophical themes – the nature of existence, The simulation of hypothesis and Wittgenstein’s sense of religious belief. This year, the “ICPR Periodic Lecture” was delivered by Prof. Balaganapathi Devarakonda on 10th February, 2016 on the topic “Buddhist Concept of Happiness”. A talk on the “Philosophical Angle of the Gravitational Waves” was delivered  by Dr. Mohd. Ehsan on 19th February 2016. On March 2, 2016. The society organized a group discussion on “The Philosophical Aspect of the Policy of Reservation”.

Teacher In-Charge

Mr. Ashwani Kumar
Assistant Professor


Dr. C.V. Babu