Department of Arabic

The teaching of Arabic at the college can be traced to the closing years of the 17th century with the origin of the college itself with an Arabic madrasa. The Arabic department, with its dedicated, competent and committed teachers and student-centred teaching methodology, offers a three-year B.A. programme focusing on the study of Arabic language and literature. It aims at developing global proficiency in modern standard Arabic in combination with Arabic texts of pre-modern period. Emphasis is equally placed on all the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Most importantly, the department enables its graduates to be poised to meet the diverse academic and professional career demands in India and abroad. The department also runs an active Arabic literary society called ‘Al-Nadi Al-Arabi’ publishing a quarterly wall-magazine ‘Al-Qalam’ and holding a monthly speaking session ‘Al-Bayan’.


  1. B.A. (Hons.) ARABIC
  2. B.A. (Prog.) ARABIC

Arabic Society, ‘Al-Nadi Al-Arabi’

Teacher In-Charge

Dr. Mohd. Qasim

Assistant Professor