Conference, Seminar, Workshop Symposiums


  • National Conference on “Contemporary Trends in World Literature” organized by English Department on 1 November 2011 funded by SIFE (Sankalp International Foundation of Education), USEFI (United States Education Foundation of India) and Zakir Husain Delhi College.
  • National Conference on Recent Advances in Polymer nano composities (UGC, DRDO, CSIR) (Jan 2011),organized by Physics Department
  • National conference on “Re-imagining India: Exclusion and Inclusion” organized by political science Department, 2008,
  • National conference on “ Mainstreaming Minorities: Human Rights Discourse” organized by political science Department, 2013
  • National conference on “ Ways of Seeing: Critical Questions on Indian Political Thought” organized by political science Department, 2016
  • International conference on “ Democratisation in Myanmar: Implications for the World Today” organized by political science Department,  2011,
  • International conference on “Political Transition in India’s Neighbourhood: Afghanistan and Myanmar” organized by political science Department ,2014
  • International conference on “Gandhi and the Contemporary World” organized by political science Department, 2016.


  • Seminar funded by college & all the Bengali departments (Faculties & Students both) of Colleges under Delhi University was organized. Renowned author Late Mr. Nabarun Bhattacharya, Scholar Dr. Nirmal Kanti Bhattyacharya (Chairperson of K.K. Birla Foundation, Delhi), Dr. Tanika Sarkar etc. came as Speakers along with retired Professor Dr. Jayanti Chattopadhay, Dr. NanditaBasu, Dr. Shubha Dasgupta, Dr. Amitava Chakraborty etc.
  • National Seminar was organized by the Department of Commerce on “Challenges of Development: Re-Visit to Inclusiveness” on January 17-18, 2014 funded by ICSSR.
  • National Students Seminar on “The English Sonnet: Evolutions and Traditions”, was organized by Department of English on 29 February 2016, funded by the college and co-funded by publishing houses.
  • Seminar on “Re-Viewing The Epic”, was organized by Department of English, 6-7 February 2001, funded by Zakir Husain Delhi College.
  • International Seminar was organized by department of English on “Cultural Diversity in South Asia: Literary Confluence and Divergence”, 27-28 February 2007, funded by Asia Project IIC, UGC, ICCR, CIL and Sahitya Akademi
  • National seminar was organized by the department of Persian, Zakir Husain Delhi College on April 2016, source of funding ncpul and delhi
  • National seminar on safe potable water in villages (UGC,DRDO,CSIR) ( Jan 2013), organized by Department of Physics
  • National seminar entitled: Wholistic paradigms in Psychology: Problems and Prospects, on March 10 & 11 2006, at Department of Psychology, Zakir Husain Delhi College. (Sponsored by UGC & ICSSR)
  • National seminar entitled: Identity and wellbeing, on March 7 & 8, 2007, at Department of Psychology, Zakir Husain Delhi College. (Sponsored by ICSSR & UGC)


  • Three day Robotics workshop based on AVR microcontroller organized for benefit of students, funded by ZHDC. (March 2015), Organized by Department of Electronics
  • Oil conservation Workshop was organized in collaboration with PCRA and HPCL funded by HPCL on 29 Jan., 2016
  • National Workshop on Fibre Optics, Photonics and Nano electronics ( DST, UGC, DRDO) (Feb 2012), Department of Physics
  • International Workshop on Techniques in Psychotherapies: A multi-dimensional approach in 2006, Department of Psychology
  • Stem Cells Hype and Reality (2015-2016) organized by Department of Botany
  • Workshop on “ Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and reproductive Biology in relation to Biotechnology (2000), organized by Department of Botany


  • Biotechnology in Crop Improvement: Prospects and Challenges (2016), organized by Department of Botany
  • National symposium on revisiting Darwin: Natural Theory Vs Social Practices (2009), organized by Department of Botany