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College has a hygienically maintained canteen which provides healthy & nutritious food. Our priority is to provide healthy and wholesome food/snacks to our children and the spirit is well reflected in the canteen menu. We discourage carbonated drinks and junk foods.

Child labour is not employed anywhere in the campus including the canteen.

Stationery & Souvenir Shop

The College have a Stationery and Souvenir shop.

Souvenir Shop shares College Momentos, Coffee Mugs printed with beautiful college picture, Metal Keychains with precisely engraved college logo and moto – Live By Love, and other memorable gift items as souvenir.

Stationery Shop have all necessary stationery items for everybody. This serves as a substitute of nearby outside market shops and students are now very well satisfied having all such resources in their own college.

College Greens   

Our college is maintaining a green campus with a great variety of plants.The college has a total of over 4000 plants with 171 trees, 1037 shrubs, 820 foliage, 1037 winter ornamental plants, 350 summer ornamental plants, 13 hanging baskets, 251 bulbous plants, 86 cacti and succulents  and large number of weeds. Read more…


A Native Tree Nursery has been started in the college in collaboration with BNHS.Bird feeders & bird nest has been placed in strategic positions to attract the birds.

A medicinal garden having 8-10 herbal plants has been earmarked in the college. Some of the students and office staff has been trained from Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun and Development Alternative (DA), Delhi

  • Green initiatives and sustainability

At ZHDC, we are deeply comitted to fostering an enviromentally conscious campus. Our goal is to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of campus life, from reducing carbon footprints to promoting eco-friendly research and innovation. Explore our various programs, achievements, and ongoing initiatives aimed at creating a greener future for our comminity and beyond.

  • Say No To Plastic

Our students have started a campaign SAY NO TO PLASTIC, USE CLOTH BAG. The bags are made from old clothes by adopting the practice of REUSE and REDUCE. The college wants to spread the message of NO TO PLASTIC to the neighboring community and the college staff and students. The bags are stitched in the girls common room by our students.

  • Organic Waste Recycling
Kitchen waste from the canteen is converted into manure by using Vermi Composting.
  • Paper Recycling
Waste papers are collected from the college and converted into useful bi-product like folders, carry bags, cards, etc
  • E-Waste Management
The college fraternity is actively participating by bringing electronic waste from their homes and depositing with the college data lab.The e- waste is collected by the NGO Chintan for recycling. By this process the pollution of hazardous waste caused by activities of junk dealers is avoided.


A vocational training is given to the girls students in the tailoring section of the college by a trained staff. No fees is charged from the students.