Departmental Societies


Arabic Society, Al-Nadi Al-Arabi

Coordinator: Dr. Mohd. Qasim

The Arabic Society organised two monthly oratory sessions in September 2014 and March 2015, a poetry recitation competition in October 2014, and a general knowledge quiz competition in February 2015. Two issues of the Arabic wall magazine ‘Al-Qalam’ were also published.

Bengali Literary Society

President: Dr. Sharmistha Sen
Members: Dr. Audwittee Banerjee, Mr. Tilak Sarkar

This year, the 4th Annual Dr. Gopa Dey Memorial Lecture on the topic “The other woman in women’s writing” was delivered by eminent scholar Dr. Shubha Dasgupta. Mr Bimal Kumar Dey, husband of Late Dr. Gopa Dey, handed over ‘Dr. Gopa Dey Memoral Award’ of Rs 8000/- under various categories to eight students of Bengali (Hons.) for their academic excellence.  The Bengali Literary Society published its annual Journal “BARNOMALA”.

Botanical Society (Nargis)

President: Dr. Malti Gupta
Vice President: Dr. Savindra kumar

The Botanical Society appointed its office bearers, and held its inaugural lecture on 25th August 2015. It was delivered by Dr. S. Natlesh of NII, who spoke about “Biotechnology and its Applications”. The annual fest of the society-MYRISTICA was held on 12th March, 2016. Several inter college competitions such as Leaf art, Rangoli from waste, Treasure hunt and Botnical cross-word were organized in the fest. The Botanical Society has been organizing an ‘Inter-College Rolling Shield Environment Quiz’ Competition every year to promote awareness on various environmental issues among students. From this year, this Shield has been dedicated in memory of our dear colleague Late Dr. Virendra Kumar. Dr. Virendra Kumar was a teacher par excellence and a well-renowned environmentalist. This year, the society also started the campaign with the slogan: SAY NO TO PLASTIC. USE CLOTH BAG.

Chemical Society

President: Mr. Ravi Kant
Members: Dr. Jyoti Tyagi, Dr. Prerna Singh, Ms. Leelavati and Ms. Mamta Bai

The annual invited lecture was delivered by Dr. S.C. Mittal, Executive Director, Premier Forensic Labs and Research, New Delhi on the “Role of Forensic Science in Solving White Collar Crimes: Forensic Document Examination.” The society organized a general science quiz to popularize science to students of all disciplines and streams. It was a successful event that witnessed participation of more than 30 teams from across various disciplines. The annual intercollegiate chemistry fest- Zusammen– was organized on 23rd February, 2016. Various competitions such as scientific paper presentation, group discussion, general science quiz etc were organized in the fest.  To give our students a sense of the rich history of our college, the society organized a Heritage Walk to the old campus of our college at Ajmeri Gate on 16th March, 2016. Chemophile, the wall magazine of the society, was renamed as Wissen Fenster.

Commerce society

President : Dr. Nidhi Dhawan
Members : Dr. Rizwan Ahmad, Dr. Reeta and Mr. Bharat Bhatt

In this academic session, the society organized a personality development session, a talk titled ‘Dare to Dream’ by Dr. Jaswinder Grewal; a session by T.I.M.E. and New Delhi Institute of Management in September and October. A cultural event ‘Sanskriti’ was organized to celebrate Indian culture and heritage with various events. On 12th February 2016, the society organized its annual departmental fest ‘Innovision ‘16’. In the same month, another seminar about CV writing, group discussion and personal interview was conducted by New Delhi Institute of Management. In the month of March 2016, the society organized an educational trip to Udaipur.

Economics Society

Coordinator: Dr. Simin Akhtar

The Economics Society organised The Fourth Annual Economics Symposium of the department in March, 2015, flagged off by the inaugural lecture on ‘Indian Economy and the challenge of Human Development’ by Prof. Halima Sadia Rizvi, Dept. of Economics, Jamia Millia Islamia. The lecture was followed by a poster-making competition on the theme, ‘Poverty, Inequality and the great Indian Dream’ followed by other events including Inter-College Quiz, Debate on the theme ‘Budget 2015: Making the rich, richer’, and Essay Writing on ‘Inclusive Development for 1.25 billion’. The Fourth issue of the Department’s Annual Journal ‘Rise’ was released in the Symposium, along with the journal’s online version. The Society is also organizing a field-trip for selected members of the Journal’s editorial board to Pahalgam, Kashmir, for a seminar on ‘Women and Education’. The Society also takes pride in the selection of our student, Sukriti Hatgaonkar for presenting a paper entitled, ‘Empowering Indian Women through Self Help Groups’ in a Seminar on ‘Gender and Livelihood: Opportunities and challenges’, organised by Barkatullah University, Bhopal.

Electronics Society

President: Dr. N. K. Jain
Members: Dr.  P. K.Shishodia, Mr. Anshu Rastogi and Ms. Neelam Pahwa

This year, the inaugural lecture was delivered by Dr. Shiv Kumar, Scientist- G, of Solid State Physics Laboratory (DRDO), New Delhi, on the topic “Solid State Materials and Devices”. Other cultural activities were also held on this occasion.

English Literary Society

Convenor: Mr. Abdul Hameed PA

The English Literary Society organised many interesting and informative events in the academic session 2015-2016. In August 2015, it organized a lecture by Dr. Gautam Chakravarthy, Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Delhi on “Horace’s contribution to the Satire form”. On 13th February, 2016, the Society organized a lecture on Andha Yug, a play written by Dharamvir Bharati by our colleague Dr. Anjan, Department of Hindi. On 16th of February, 2016 a screening of the film The French Lieutenant’s Woman was organised, which was followed by presentations by students and a discussion. As part of the biennial Bhishma Sahani Book Fair in the college, the ELS organised English Short Story Writing competition on the topic of “Partition.” The highlight of the academic year was the Annual Literary Fest, Rhapsody’16 on 29th February 2016. A national student’s seminar was organized as part of the fest where students from universities and colleges across Delhi presented papers on “The English Sonnet: Evolution and Tradition.” Prof. Sharmistha Lahiri, retired Prof. of Italian Studies, Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of Delhi, delivered the keynote speech. Other events like Performance Poetry, Creative Writing and Quiz etc. were other attractions of the fest. On 19th March 2016, the ELS organized a creative writing (short story) workshop with Dr. Sami Ahmed Khan, award winning novelist, and a broadcasting journalist with the All India Radio.

Hindi Sahitya Sabha Society

President: Dr. Vijender Singh Chauhan

In October, the Department organized a talk by Prof Hari Mohan Sharma of Department of Hindi, University of Delhi on ‘Globalization and Hindi’. In November, a discussion on ‘Hindi Bhasha ki Dasha Aur Disha’, was conducted by Mr Jaikant Mishra of the Bhasha Sahodari Sansthan. In March 2016, Prof. Apoorvanand from University of Delhi spoke on ‘Abhivyakti ki Azaadi Aur Sahitya’. In April, a seminar on “Abhivyakti ki Azaadi Aur Media” was organized. Mr. Dilip Mandal was the chief speaker in this seminar. The Hindi literary society actively participated in the organization of the biennial Bhisham Sahani book fair in March, 2016.

History Society

Coordinator: Dr. Pradeep Kumar

This year, the Department undertook an educational trip to Jaipur in February 2016. A talk by Dr. Srimanjari, Dept. of History, Miranda College, Delhi University, on ‘Understanding Ancient Society’, was organized on 18th February 2016.

Life Science Society (Fusion)

Coordinator: Dr. Malti Gupta                                                                    

The inaugural lecture of the society was delivered by Dr. Saurabh Raghuvanshi from South Campus, DU on ” The world of Micro RNAs” on 20th August, 2015.  The annual festival of the society “CHEMBOLOGY 2016” was a successful event with competitions such as  e-poster on Gene Technology & Gen 2030, Matki decoration on Biotechnolgy theme, Science quiz, Best out of  e -Waste. A National Symposium on “Biotechnology in Crop Improvement: Prospects & Challenges” was organised on April 1, 2016. Dr Malti Gupta was the convener of this symposium.

Mathematical Society

Coordinator: Dr. Mohd. Arif                                                                                             

In this academic session, the Mathematical society organized its annual fest OPTIMA-16 in February 2016. Prof. Nadeem Mohsin, visiting faculty, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, delivered a lecture on “personality development”. Other activities like  mathematics based quiz, rangoli, Sudoku, beg borrow steal, mock stock were conducted.


President: Dr. Jameel Ur Rehman
Members: Dr. Malik Saleem Javed, Dr. Jamshed Khan, Dr. Farha Adeeba and Dr. Shahnaz Ara Begum

The department organized a lecture by Prof. Aleem Ashraf Khan. on “the role of Sufis in maintaining social harmony in the Medieval period” on March 31, 2016.

Pshycology Society

Coordinator: Dr. Khurshid Alam

Philosophy Society (The Monist)

Coordinator: Dr. C.V. Babu

In this academic session, the society organized the screening of three documentary films on different Philosophical themes – the nature of existence, The simulation of hypothesis and Wittgenstein’s sense of religious belief. This year, the “ICPR Periodic Lecture” was delivered by Prof. Balaganapathi Devarakonda on 10th February, 2016 on the topic “Buddhist Concept of Happiness”. A talk on the “Philosophical Angle of the Gravitational Waves” was delivered  by Dr. Mohd. Ehsan on19th February 2016. On March 2, 2016. The society organized a group discussion on “The Philosophical Aspect of the Policy of Reservation”.

Physical Sciences Society 

President: Dr. Satish Kumar Rajouria
Members: Dr. Mohammad Fahim Ansari, Dr. Seema Rawat, Dr. Anita Katna and Dr . Gayatri Shishodia

The society organised its Inaugural Lecture on “Fascination of Nuclear Energy”, delivered by Prof. Vinod Kumar of Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi on September 17, 2015. Apart from this lecture various activities were organised in which witnessed enthusiastic participation from students. The Society also organized its annual fest “Enigma1.0” on February 9, 2016. Various events such as Inter Department Essay competition, Physics Quiz, General Quiz, Treasure Hunt and Volleyball Championship were organized during the fest.

Physics Society

Coordinator: Dr. Gayatri Shishodia

Physics society began its activity with a fresher’s welcome and appointed its office bearers for the year 2014-15. A talk by Prof. Vinay Gupta of Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, was held on “Material for energy Harvesting”. Subsequently, other activities such as poster making, quiz, pick and speak etc. were also held.

‘Political Science Society Avaam’

Teacher Incharge: Dr. Vasudha Dhingra

The Department of Political Science (Avaam) screened the documentary Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai in September. In October, the department invited Prof Krishna Kumar to speak on “Teaching under difficult circumstances”. A panel discussion on Labour Law Reforms in India was also organized in the same month. It was a moment of great pride for the department when it got the opportunity to host a visiting delegation of students and teachers from Myanmar and interact with them in October 2015. In January 2016, the department went on a three day educational trip to Nainital. In February a seminar in memory of legendary teacher Prof. Randhir Singh was organized, who taught at our College for almost two decades. The department organized a one day UGC sponsored national seminar on Ways of Seeing in March, 2016. Experts of Indian Political thought such as Prof P.K.Datta and Dr Ananya Vajpai participated in this seminar. In the same month the annual festival of the department Abhivyakti was held. This was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Nation and Nationalism’, on 19th March, 2016. The panelist included Achin Vanaik, Madhulika Banerjee, Apoorvanand, Urmilesh and Satish Deshpande. This year the third issue of the departmental magazine Awaaz on the theme ‘Right to life’ was published. An interactive session on ‘Privatization of Education’, was organized with Dr. Madhu Prasad in February. In April, the department organized a “Chat with a Diplomat” (C-WaD) in collaboration with Global Youth, ZHDC chapter. Mr Robert Kemp, Deputy  Minister Counsellor for Economy, Trade and Technology Affairs from the Embassy of United States of America participated in this event.

Sanskrit Literaray Society

Coordinator: Dr. Deepak Kalia

The Sanskrit Parishad of the College celebrated the Sanskrit week from 26th August 2015 to 1st September 2015, and organized a lecture on ‘Sanskrit Avam Bhartiya Jeevan’, by Dr. Aloka Dasgupta, former Associate Prof. at Kamla Nehru College and our colleague Dr. Vibha Singh Chauhan. In February, 2016, inter class ‘Shlokh Lekhan patravachan and Prashnmanch’, competitions were organized. In March, Sanskrit Parishad in association with the Sanskrit Bharti conducted ‘Sanskrit Sambhashan Shivir” for seven days. Our college team won the 1st prize in the inter-college Shlokh- Sangeet competition at Miranda house.

Urdu Literary Society (Bazm e-Adab)

President: Dr.Mohd. Alam
Editor of Magazine (Fikre-Nau): Dr. Mumtaz Mujeeb                                                               

Bazm-e-Adab organized a series of events like Debate, Ghazal recitation, Seminars and literary discussion. Bait Bazi and a Ghazal Recitation competition were organized on 29th  October 2015.

Zoological Society (Inheritance)

Coordinator: Dr Satish Ganta

For its inaugural function the Zoological society invited Prof. Anand Prakash, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, and for its annual fest Dr. Subeer S. Majumdar, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi as guest speakers. In addition, an educational-cum-excursion trip was organized for B.Sc. (Hons.) zoology students to visit Jim Corbett National Park and Nainital.