Coordinator: Dr. Mohd. Qasim

The Arabic Society organised two monthly oratory sessions in September 2014 and March 2015, a poetry recitation competition in October 2014, and a general knowledge quiz competition in February 2015. Two issues of the Arabic wall magazine ‘Al-Qalam’ were also published.


Coordinator: Mr. Anisur Rahman

“An-nadi Al-arabi”, the Arabic Society organised two quiz competitions, an oratory competition and a creative writing competition. The students went for an educational tour to the Biodiversity Park, Wazirabad, Delhi. The wall magazine of the Society was published in both semesters.


Coordinator: Dr. Sharmistha Sen

This year, the 3rd Gopa Dey Memorial Lecture was delivered by Dr. Amitava Chakraborty, Associate Prof. Department of MIL&LS, Delhi University, on Politics of Aesthetics: 20th century Literary Discourse. On this occasion, five students from Bengali (Hons.) received merit-based scholarships for academics and Extra-curricular Activities which were funded by Mr. B.K.Dey, husband of Late Dr. Gopal Dey.


Coordinator: Dr. Audwittee Banerjee

The Bengali Literacy Society organized the Annual Lecture of the department, renamed as ‘Gopa Dey Memorial Lecture’ in memory of our dear colleague Dr. Gopa Dey. The theme of this year’s lecture was ‘Bengali Pata-Chitra’.

We must here acknowledge the generosity of Mr. Bimal Kumar Dey, husband of Late Dr. Gopa Dey, who has donated a one time sum or Rs.2,00,000/- to the college for awarding and felicitating outstanding students from Bengali honours.



Co-ordinator: Dr. Audwitee Banerjee

The Bengali Literary Society, the Bengali Department and the whole college was grief-stricken by the sudden and untimely passing away of our beloved and respected colleague Dr. Gopa Dey who taught in the Bengali Department. The department decided to institute an annual lecture in her memory. The first ‘Dr.Gopa Dey Memorial Lecture’ was delivered in April by Dr. Jayanti Chattopadhyay on ‘Literature and its Readers’.

Barnomala, the annual Bengali journal of the department was successfully published, very much in keeping with the tradition of the department.



Coordinator: Dr. Sharmishtha Sen

Student Representatives: Puja Kundu & Pabitra Datta

This year, the society had arranged a successful day-long workshop on 16th September 2011 to discuss the new syllabi. Eminent professors of Bengali were invited to guide the teachers towards new methods that can be applicable to the new semester-mode teaching. The society held a lecture by eminent scholar and (former) Editor – ‘Indian Literature’ (Sahitya Akademi) and present director of K.K.Birla Foundation Shri. Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharya on 26th March 2012.

Botanical Society (Nargis)

Coordinator: Dr. Tabassum Jehan

A series of events were organized under the auspices of the Botanical Society ‘Nargis’ for the session 2014-15. The activities of the society were inaugurated on August 21, 2014 by Prof. Suman Lakhanpaul, Department of Botany, University of Delhi through a lecture on the topic ‘Crop domestication: from early days to modern biotechnology’. It was followed by the fresher’s welcome. An inter-college paper presentation competition was held on September 28, 2014 on ‘Natural Disasters: Act of God or Manmade?’ The society organized its annual festival of various inter-college competitions on February 4, 2015. Students participated enthusiastically in different events like rangoli, flower arrangement, slogan writing, botanical crossword, floral card making and treasure hunt. Our team won the inter-college Botanical Quiz Rolling trophy from Kirori Mal College. The inter-college Environment Quiz for the Zakir Husain Delhi College Running Trophy was also held in this month only.



Coordinator: Dr. Babeeta C. Kaula

The Botanical Society, ‘Nargis’, organized two lectures on issues of human genome and healthy eating and life style. The society also organized an industrial visit to Bahadurgarh where the students visited industries where they were exposed to raw material management and the production process.

Activities like the annual inter-college quiz on ecology and environment for ‘Rolling Shield Trophy’, leaf art, and botanical rangoli were also organised by the society.



Co-ordinator: Dr. Malti Gupta

The Botanical Society organised a lecture by Dr. S. Natesh, from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology on ‘Plants that Made History’. Another lecture was delivered by Dr. Shams on the concept of bio fuels.

The society conducted its annual festival in February with a number of exciting events. The Inter College Environment Quiz Competition was also held in February.

The students and teachers of the department went an educational trip to the National Botanical Gardens. The activities for the year were closed with an inter college paper presentation competition on ‘Development at the Cost of Environmental Degradation’.



Coordinator: Dr. Malti Gupta

The Botanical Society, ‘NARGIS’, inaugurated its activities by organising a lecture by Prof. A. K. Bhatnagar, Department of Botany, University of Delhi on the Role of Reproductive Biology in  Conservation of Forests and Trees on 6th September 2011. The Annual Botanical Fest was organized on 9th January, 2012 and competitive events like Rangoli (on Botanical theme from Botanical wastes), Cartoon -Making Competition (Topic- Rising fuel prices), Slogan Writing (Hunger v/s Rotting food grains), and Spelling Skills were held. An Inter-college Rolling Shield Environmental Quiz competition was also organized with support from the Lions Club, Delhi.


Coordinator: Dr. Sangeeta Pandita

The Chemistry Society organized the fresher’s welcome on 3rd September 2014. The annual chemistry society lecture was delivered on 16th September 2014 by Dr.S.K.Dhawan, Principle Scientist, National Physical Laboratory, Delhi on “Conducting Polymers for Electronic Applications”. On his invitation students visited the NPL campus for interaction with scientists on occasion of the CSIR Foundation Day. Taking a break from the rigours of the classroom, students organized a cricket match where the third year students were beaten comfortably by the combined team of first and second years. Maintaining the spirit of “without hesitation, repetition or deviation”, Just A Minute was organized on 16th February 2015. Gaining momentum through the event, the society set pace for the intercollegiate festival, ZUSAMMEN on 9th March 2015 reviving the goodness of intense quizzing, creative rangoli, constructive group discussion, scientifically themed power point presentations, fun in chemistry lab and also the popular Sudoku. An industrial visit and a farewell for the outgoing chemistry honours students in the month of April will conclude activities of the society for 2014-15.


Coordinator: Dr. K.K. Arora

The Chemistry Society organised a lecture on ‘flavours and fragrance’. Power-point presentation, poster making competitions as well as a treasure hunt was also organized.

During , ‘Zusammen’, the annual festival of the society. the students participated in different competitions.


Co-ordinator: Dr K.K.Arora

The Chemistry Society organized a power point competition on the topic “Sustainable Development: Carbon and Water Management” on 26 September 2012.

The society also organized its annual festival Zusammen on 8 March, 2013. As a part of the festival, various competitions such as “Just a minute”, “Rangoli”, “Ad-mad” and “Chemistry Quiz” were organized.

The S.P. Suri Memorial award function was organized on 9 April, 2013. Prof S.V. Eswaran delivered the memorial lecture on this occasion on the topic “Long Lived Transients”.


Coordinator: Dr. K.K Arora

The Chemistry Society organised its inaugural function on 30th September 2011 with the preliminary round of the Chemistry Quiz. A power point presentation competition on the topic Hydrocarbon and beyond: changing landscape was organized on 10th February 2012. On the basis of their performance, two students of 2nd year B.Sc.(Hons.) Chemistry were selected as members of the team representing Delhi University to present their paper in the 4th Annual Convention of the Petrotech Society of India, held at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad on 12th March, 2012. The annual festival of the society, ‘Zusammen‘ was celebrated on 28th February 2012 with competitions like Rangoli, extempore, ad-mad, pictionary and cross-word. The final round of the Chemistry Quiz was well attended by the students. A poster making competition was also organized in collaboration with the Petrotech Society of India. A lecture on the topic “Chemistry Matters” was delivered on 26th March 2012, by Dr. A.S. Sarpal, ex-director, R&D Center, Indian Oil Corporation, Faridabad.


Coordinator: Swati Aggarwal

The Society organised a fresher’s welcome in August. On Teacher’s Day it organized a seminar on Effective writing and communication skill by Dr. Rich Rice. An essay writing competition on World Com was held in December. The annual inter-college departmental fest ‘Innovision’ was organized in February with activities like debate, IPL Bidding, Quiz and Treasure Hunt. Some educational seminars were organised, chaired by eminent personalities like Dr. Vinod Kumar and Prof. Amit Goyal. Apart from academic events, a friendly cricket match for the final year students was held. A departmental trip was also organized to Kanatal in March.


Coordinator: Dr. Abdul Wahid Farooqi

The Society organised different workshops and programmes dealing with issues like National Stock Exchange, financial literacy, investor’s awareness on “Capital Market and Mutual Funds”, management and careers, the concept of inclusiveness and ‘Avenues abroad’.

More than 35 colleges from different universities actively participated in “Innovision 2014” the 3rd Annual Inter-College Academic Function of the department.


Co-ordinator: Ms. Reeta

The Commerce department held an essay writing competition on ‘Petrol Price Hike and its Effects on our Day to Day Life’ in September. The competition led to the selection of student editors for the second issue of the commerce department magazine World Com.

In January, an awareness program was conducted on ‘Recent Developments in the Capital Market’ in collaboration with the Institute of Company Secretaries. The lecture was delivered by Mr. T. R. Mehta as a part of the programme.

A trip to Ranthambore National Park was also organized by the department.

The annual festival of the Department- Innovision- included a lecture on ‘Money, Finance and Governance’ as well as competitive events like debate, Ad-mad and Brain Cracker.

Mr. Amit Goyal from the Institute of Banking and Finance delivered a lecture in March. A Quiz contest was also conducted along with the lecture and the winners were awarded scholarships of Rs. 25,000 each by the institute.


Coordinator: Ms. Reeta

Inaugurating this year’s activities with the Fresher’s welcome including cultural and competitive activities, the Commerce Society held a debate on 19th October, 2011 and an essay writing competition on 14th November 2011 to select the student editors for the first ever issue of the departmental magazine ‘WorldCom’. The Comfest was held on 8th and 9th February 2012. Mr. Vijay Kapur, Director Board of Studies, ICAI delivered an interactive talk on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and various competitive events were conducted for the students. (extempore debate, business quiz, Creative Writing, Slogan Writing, General Quiz, Poster Making and Ad- mad).


Coordinator: Dr. Simin Akhtar

The Economics Society organised The Fourth Annual Economics Symposium of the department in March, 2015, flagged off by the inaugural lecture on ‘Indian Economy and the challenge of Human Development’ by Prof. Halima Sadia Rizvi, Dept. of Economics, Jamia Millia Islamia. The lecture was followed by a poster-making competition on the theme, ‘Poverty, Inequality and the great Indian Dream’ followed by other events including Inter-College Quiz, Debate on the theme ‘Budget 2015: Making the rich, richer’, and Essay Writing on ‘Inclusive Development for 1.25 billion’. The Fourth issue of the Department’s Annual Journal ‘Rise’ was released in the Symposium, along with the journal’s online version. The Society is also organizing a field-trip for selected members of the Journal’s editorial board to Pahalgam, Kashmir, for a seminar on ‘Women and Education’. The Society also takes pride in the selection of our student, Sukriti Hatgaonkar for presenting a paper entitled, ‘Empowering Indian Women through Self Help Groups’ in a Seminar on ‘Gender and Livelihood: Opportunities and challenges’, organised by Barkatullah University, Bhopal.


Coordinator: Ms. Shirin Akhter

This year the Society’s annual lecture focused on gender and labour. This was followed by various activities like poster-making competition, inter-college debate and quiz.

The third issue of the department’s annual journal Rise was launched in the Economics Symposium, along with the journal’s website and online versions. A software training programme for faculty and students was also organized.

The Society has also undertaken to collect books for a book-bank meant for students in the department. A reading-club under the aegis of the society was revitalized.



Co-ordinator: Mr Shamshul Haque

The second annual election of office bearers of the Economics Society was conducted on 13th August 2012.

The annual fest of the society “Free-eco-librium” was organized on 25 and 26 February, 2013. Two guest lectures were organized during the fest: one by Prof M.S. Bhatt on “Environment and Growth: Pillars of long run development” and the other by Prof Praveen Jha on “NREGA and its long run feasibility”. Various competitions such as quiz, debates, “Ad-mad”, “Mock-stock” and “Eco charades” were also held in the fest.

The society published the second edition of its magazine Rise in this academic session.


Coordinator: Dr. P. K. Shishodia

The electronics society started the year 2014 -15 with inaugural lecture by Dr P.K. Chaudhary Scientist – G , at SSPL, DRDO on 5th September. The third year students went to a 2-day National Robotics Arduino Boot camp organized by EFY magazine and CIC, University of Delhi. The department students also went to workshops on Semiconductor and its advancement organized by DRDO and IEEE and a national workshop on Intellectual property and its rights organized by FICCI and Department of science of technology (DST). This year various intra-departmental competitions on Circuit simulation and C++programming were also organized. Students are also working on Solar cell project and Reverse engineering of Power Supply and Signal Generators. The students also went to National Physics Laboratory for an educational visit. This year the department has also started an intra-departmental Magazine bank for students, in which various magazines are interchanged between the teachers and students. An initiative taken by the teachers, the students of the department formed a self-learning independent Robotics Group, Phoenix. They have developed PCB designing techniques, Line Follower robot and a RC controlled robot. A workshop on microcontrollers is going to be held by the group in the second week of April.


Coordinator: Dr. N.K. Jain

In January, a group of 40 students attended Anuvrat Prekshadhyan, a workshop on positive thinking.


Co-ordinator: Dr. Anshu Rastogi

The Electronics Society organised a talk on ‘DTH Technology’ by Shir. Rajender Kumar, Director (Engineering) AIR and Doordarshan, in September 2012.


Coordinator: Dr. Bodh Prakash

The English Literary Society organized a creative writing competition in September 2014, followed by a lecture delivered by Dr. Sukrita Paul Kumar, on the aesthetics of artistic creation. The innovation project team of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce put up an informative exhibition on “Representation of the Courtesan Figure” in January 2015. Dr. Shweta Sachdeva Jha from Miranda House was invited on the occasion to deliver a talk on “Courtesan Culture”. The annual literary fest “Rhapsody” was held in March 2015. Dr. Margrit Pernau, from the Max Plank Institute at Berlin, delivered a talk on “Emotions in Space”. The Department newsletter was also released and events such as a quiz, a creative writing competition, a mono-acting event and an online photography competition were held.

The Society also organized a lecture on The Mahabharata as well as a programme on Bertolt Brecht. It also published two newsletters.


Coordinator: Dr. Mukul Chaturvedi

The literature festival, Rhapsody ’14 was inaugurated with a talk on bio –fiction’. The festival featured many other competitions as well.


Co-ordinator: Ms Mukul Chaturvedi

The English Literary Society organized a lecture on the topic “The Concept of Dharma in Mahabharata” by Dr Ramashray Sharma on 14 February 2013.

The society also brought out a news letter Rhapsody which includes discussions on a range of topics like music, environment and culinary art.

A trip to the monument at Hauz Khas, Delhi was also organized by the English Society.


Coordinator: Anuradha Marwah

On 12th September a film studies seminar, with three guest speakers, was organized and a lecture on ‘Introducing Marxist Literary Theory’ by Dr. Anand Prakash was held on 11th February 2012.


Co-ordinator: Dr. Vijender Singh Chauhan

Like the previous year, the Hindi Literary Society continued its active involvement in literary and cultural activities. It organized a one day seminar on the topic “Aaj ki Kavita” in November, 2012.

The society organized a two day workshop on computer typing in the Hindi language for students and teachers in February, 2013.

In collaboration with Bioscope–the film society of the college—the Hindi literary society celebrated 100 years of Indian cinema by screening a number of Indian Classics.


Co-ordinator: Dr. Mohd. Tarique Anwar

The Department of History organized an academic tour to historical places of Delhi like- Qutub Complex, Tughlaqbad Fort, Ghayasuddin Tomb and Humayun’s Tomb.

Selected episodes of the serial “Bharat Ek Khoj” based on Jawahar Lal Nehru’s book The Discovery of India were screened in the college for students and teachers of the department


Coordinator: Dr. Malti Gupta

The Life Science Society, “Fusion” organized its inaugural function and Fresher’s Welcome Party on 27th August, 2014. Dr. Mallikarjun N. Shakarad, from the Department of Zoology, University of Delhi, delivered a talk on “Theory of Evolutionary Biology’’. The society organised its Annual Fest “CHEMBOLOGY” on 27th February 2015.  Inter- and intra- college level competitions like Leaf Art, Cartoonist in You, Science Pictionary, Speak it Up, and Matki Decoration were held.

Media Committee

Coordinator: Dr. Ratnum Kaul Wattal

Various important events of the college were covered by the media in the year 2014-2015. The media team of the college relentlessly worked towards getting the events covered by the English, Hindi and Urdu media.

Nature & Environment Club

Coordinator: Dr. Prabhakar Rao

Nature & Environment Club was inaugurated by Ms. Bahar Dutt, an environment and wildlife journalist on 22nd September 2014. On 24th September 2014, the Club invited members of the international environment conservation society GREENPEACE to talk about their recent work in bringing sustainable solar energy to rural India as well as saving life-giving forest areas from being cut. With the society “Compassionate Living”, the Club organized a TREE CENSUS in our college campus on 28th October 2014. During Diwali, the Club also organized an ANTI-CRACKER CAMPAIGNE with the NSS to raise awareness about the harm caused by fireworks to the environment as well as funding child labour. In collaboration with “ECOEXTIS”, the ecology society has provided nature-friendly colours for Holi to students and teachers. The society planned a one day trip to Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary on 9th March. For the very first time, we organized an ecology festival, called JAMBOREE on the 25th March. Jamboree had 5 events: Photography contest (Honey Lens), Best out of waste, Poster making (Postereenie), Quiz competition and a debate on the issue of “development at the cost of environment”. In order to gain knowledge about the richness and the diverseness of wildlife with all its uniqueness, the club has taken the initiative of organizing a tour to “Madhav National Park” on 29th March 2015.


Coordinator: Dr. Indra Mohini Tuli

The Life Science Society organised an interactive session on handling medical emergencies. Its Annual Day celebration included lectures as well as competitive games like Ad-mad show and Just a minute.

The students visited the Ranthmbore National Park and the zoo at Delhi.


Co-ordinator: Dr. Indra Mohini Tuli

The life science society, Fusion organised its inaugural function in August where Dr. K.C. Bansal delivered the lecture, ‘Biotechnology and its application in genetic improvement in plants’.

In February, the society organised its annual inter-college festival with a number of exciting activities.

The students visited Jim Corbett National Park, in March, 2013.


Coordinator: Dr. Indra Mohini Tuli

This year Life Science Society “Fusion” had its inaugural function on 24th September 2011. Dr. Chitra Shrivastava delivered a speech on “ENTOMOLOGY”. The annual function was held on 24th March 2012 with various competitive events for the students.


Co-ordinator: Dr. Jameel-ur-Rehman

On 26th September, 2012, Anjuman-e-Frasi, the cultural society of the Department of Persian organized a one day seminar on Contribution of the Department in the Development of the Persian Language and Literature.

The department also organized an international seminar on Exploring Delhi’s Social and Cultural traditions Through Persian Literature which saw the participation of many eminent scholars from Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and India.


Coordinator: Dr. Gayatri Shishodia

Physics society began its activity with a fresher’s welcome and appointed its office bearers for the year 2014-15. A talk by Prof. Vinay Gupta of Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, was held on “Material for energy Harvesting”. Subsequently, other activities such as poster making, quiz, pick and speak etc. were also held.


Coordinator: Dr. Seema Rawat

The members of the Department are actively involved in ‘Innovation Projects’ on low cost technique to purify potable and biodegradable polymer composites. The teachers of the department are also working on two UGC projects.

A lecture on charge particle acceleration was also organized. Students also participated in other activities like quiz, rangoli and essay-writing.


Co-ordinator: Dr. Fahim Ansari

In September, 2012, the society organised a talk on ‘Unravelling the Mystery of Higgs Boson’ by Dr.Ashutosh Bharadwaj from the Department of Physics and Astrophysics on. He also gave away prizes to winners.

A two day national workshop on ‘Innovative Green Techniques for Safe Water in Villages’ was organised in January. The workshop received support from the UGC, DRDO, CSIR and INSA. Sunita Narain the eminent environmental activist and many other key thinkers and speakers came for the workshop.

The department was awarded an ‘Innovation Project’, for its joint work with the English and Chemistry departments for research on water purification and solar water distilleries.


Coordinator: Dr. Anita Katna

The activities of the Physics Society started with the inaugural function on 16th September 2011. Eminent Professor and renowned physicist Prof. Ajoy Ghatak from IIT Delhi delivered a talk on “Einstein and Special Theory of Relativity” and his book  Einstein and Special Theory of Relativity was also released as a part of the function. Various competitive events were also held for the students. A two days national workshop on Fibre Optics Photonics and Nano electronics was organized in February 2012. Eminent speakers from IIT Delhi, TIFR Mumbai and Delhi University delivered talks in the workshop which was inaugurated by Prof. V M.Nampoori, Director International School of photonics, Cochin University of science and technology. Around 200 student and faculty attended the workshop which was supported by CSIR, DRDO and UGC.


Coordinator: Dr. Aftab Alam

The Department of Political Science held direct elections to elect the office bearers for the Political Science Society, Avaam. It witnessed much enthusiasm among students with a voter turnout of 69%. The Department organized the screening of the television series Samvidhan to acquaint the students with the Constituent Assembly debates in August-September, 2014. A talk by eminent feminist scholar Prof. Nivedita Menon on Nation, Community and Gender was organized on 28th October, 2014. The Department undertook a one day educational trip to Agra in February, 2015. The Second issue of the Departmental magazine Awaaz was published on the theme of Elections. The Annual Departmental fest was held on 24th March 2015 in which students participated in various competitive events. The inaugural lecture was delivered by the famous activist Shabnam Hashmi on the theme ‘Struggles to Safeguard Democracy’.


Co-ordinator: Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

The Department of Political Science has been very active in organizing various activities throughout the year.

The department conducted its first ever election to choose the office bearers of Avaam-the Political Science Society of the college on 13 August, 2012. The Department celebrated the International day of the Girl Child on October 11, 2012. Noted feminist and activist Kamla Bhasin and Dr Satish Agnihotri participated in the seminar.

A two day national seminar on the topic Mainstreaming Minorities: A Human Rights Discourse was organized on February 12-13, 2013. Eminent human rights activists and academicians like Justice Rajinder Sachar, Prof Zoya Hasan, Prof Manoranjan Mohanty and Mr Harsh Mander participated in the seminar.

The department also organized a number of talks on varied themes such as “Questions on India’s foreign policy”, “India’s nuclear policy”, ‘the possibilities and limitations of Indian Political theory” and “India’s foreign policy in the South Asian region”.  Eminent scholars of Political Science such as Prof Achin Vanaik, Praful Bidwai, Prof Yogendra Yadav, and Ambassador Dev Mukherjee participated in these discussions.

A number of films on various relevant issues were also screened through the year.

This academic session was also witness to the publication of Awaaz, the first magazine of the department.

The annual fest of the department was organized on 9 April 2013. Various competitions like debate, essay writing, poster making, slogan writing, memory game and treasure hunt were organized during the fest.


The Student’s Union

Coordinator: Dr. Satya Goyal

Zakir Husain Delhi College student’s union organized two major events in the year 2012. The Fresher’s welcome was organized on 28th September 2011 with various cultural and competitive events and the crowning of a Mister and Miss Fresher of the Year. The Annual College festival, Aadab, was organised on the 15-16 February 2012, and apart from the various competitive and cultural events, in keeping with the tradition of our College, a Mushaira was held on the first day for which more than a dozen well known Shayars were invited from all over the country.


Coordinator: Dr. Satish Ganta

The zoological society “Inheritance” started its activities in September 2014 with fresher’s welcome and appointment of student office bearers. On this occasion, Dr. Deepak Sehgal, Professor and Head, Department of Life Sciences, Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida delivered a lecture on Past, Present, and Future of Biotechnology. The society organized a 4 day education-cum-excursion trip to Himalayan Biodiversity Park, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh in October 2014. The annual function was held in March 2015, with activities like General Quiz, Dare to eat, Treasure Hunt, and Just a minute. These activities were followed by a prize distribution and farewell function for B.Sc. (H) Zoology III year students.


Coordinator: Dr. Satish Ganta

The Society organized two lectures on sustainable energy and wildlife scenario in India.

A trip was organized to Ranthambore National Park and Udaipur.

The students also visited the zoo, and Yamuna Biodiversity Park, Delhi.

Zoological Society along with Life Science Society jointly conducted their annual function which included various cultural activities.


Co-ordinator: Dr. Anubha Das

The Zoological Society organized a lecture on “Antibody: the Wonder Molecule” by Dr Anju Srivastava from University of Delhi, on 28 August, 2012.

On 5 September 2012, Dr Pradeep Kumar Verma delivered a lecture on “Drosophlia, the Fruit Fly: Cinderella of Genetics”.

The society organized a study cum excursion trip to Corbett National Park and its nearby areas in the second week of March.

The Annual Fest of the society was held on 8 February 2013. Various competitions such as “memory game”, “ad-mad” and the science quiz were organized as a part of the fest.


Coordinator: Dr. Satish Ganta

This year the Zoological Society was inaugurated on 27th September 2011 by Dr. Sher Ali, Staff Scientist & Chief, Molecular Genetics Lab, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi. He delivered a lecture on Human ‘Y’ Chromosome: Biology and Implications. The Society organised its annual function on 14th February 2012 and various competitive events were held for the students.

The strength of any institution lies in its workforce. This year XXXX new appointments took place in various departments of the college. It is with a sense of pride that I now speak of the achievements and accomplishments of our faculty.