Department of Botany

The Botany Department provides a comprehensive study of the plant world. It possesses an extremely eminent faculty of earnest and experienced teachers who are proficient in theory as well as in practice. Many of them have distinguished themselves in their field of specialization. The Department has two well equipped laboratories. It has a Museum which includes a Herbarium. The Department also maintains a Botanical garden and helps in keeping the college green by looking after the greenery in the college on regular basis. The Department takes the students on an educational trip every academic session. The Botany Society holds several academic programmes which bring the creativity of the studentto the fore, these include Botanical Rangoli, Model making competitions and quiz.

Courses: B.Sc. (Hons.) BOTANY

Botanical Society (Nargis)

Dr. Malti Gupta (President)
Dr. Savindrakumar(Vice President

The Botanical Society appointed its office bearers, and held its inaugural lecture on 25th August 2015. It was delivered by Dr. S. Natlesh of NII, who spoke about “Biotechnology and its Applications”.The annual fest of the society-MYRISTICA was held on 12th March, 2016. Several inter college competitions such as Leaf art, Rangoli from waste, Treasure hunt and Botnical cross-word were organized in the fest. The Botanical Society has been organizing an ‘Inter-College Rolling Shield Environment Quiz’ Competition every year to promote awareness on various environmental issues among students. From this year, this Shield has been dedicated in memory of our dear colleague Late Dr. Virendra Kumar. Dr. Virendra Kumar was a teacher par excellence and a well-renowned environmentalist. This year, the society also started the campaign with the slogan: SAY NO TO PLASTIC. USE CLOTH BAG.

Teacher In-Charge

Dr. Ratnum K. Wattal
Associate Professor