Department of Botany

The Botany Department provides a comprehensive study of the plant world. It possesses an extremely eminent faculty of earnest and experienced teachers who are proficient in theory as well as in practice. Many of them have distinguished themselves in their field of specialization. The Department has two well equipped laboratories. It has a Museum which includes a Herbarium. The Department also maintains a Botanical garden and helps in keeping the college green by looking after the greenery in the college on regular basis. The Department takes the students on an educational trip every academic session. The Botany Society holds several academic programmes which bring the creativity of the studentto the fore, these include Botanical Rangoli, Model making competitions and quiz.

Courses: B.Sc. (Hons.) BOTANY

Botanical Society (Nargis)

President- Dr. Babeeta C Kaula
Vice-President – Dr. Deepika Sharma
Secretary- Ms. Srota Satapathy
Joint Secretary- Mr. Biji Mathew
Treasurer- Ms. Preeti Mathpal

The Botanical Society ‘Nargis’ of Zakir Husain Delhi College commenced its activities for the academic year 2021-22 by appointing the office bearers of the society with Dr.Babeeta C Kaula as President, Dr.Deepika Sharma as Vice-President, Ms.SrotaSatapathyas Secretary, Mr.Bijji Mathew as Joint-Secretary, Ms.PreetiMathpal as Treasurer. Furthermore, the society opened doors for more students to increase student participation. The team now has a content creator team, Ms.Khushi Pandey and Ms.PragatiSakhya as content creators, Md. Asrar as graphic designer and  student volunteers as Ms.RituDhillon, Ms. Lavanya Sharma, Ms.KhansaMohsin, Mr. Sidhartha, Mr. ChetanChoudhary, Ms.Annanya Gupta, Ms.Jhanvi Singh,Mr.AnzarShafiMagloo, Ms.Fathimi N,  Mr.NakulShokeen, MsAnanya and Mr. Mayank Raj . The society was extended to social media to have a larger reach and is efficiently handled by Ms.Asna Khan and Mr.AbrezIsrail as social media Managers.The Botanical Society is actively involved in overall grooming of the students for their holistic development. Being a botanical society special emphasis was given to environment related issues and various inter-college events were organized throughout the year.

On World Environment Day, 5th June 2021, under the UNDP theme of ‘Generation Restoration’ the Botanical Society ‘Nargis’organisedmany intercollege events like, interactive games – Build World, Build Ecosystem (an interactive quiz game having various rounds of riddles, jumble words and pictionary), Green Selfie competition (participant has to click a selfie with the greenery around), Floral Press Art and Challenge accepted (a mandatory activity to ensure the registration of each participant at UNDP earth restoration initiative). The event received an overwhelming response across the colleges.

Teacher In-Charge

Dr. M. Wahid Ansari
Associate Professor