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Arts and Culture Society 2016

Convener : Dr. Babeeta C. Kaula

 The arts and culture society of the college has been very actively engaged in imparting value based education to the students. This year a series of month long theater workshops were conducted by Surendra Sharma. During these workshops a group of almost fifty students were trained and they presented the  play ‘Taj Mahal Ka Tender’.

The students of theater society also participated in the Shakespeare Society of India’s national drama competition held at St. Stephen’s college,  and  presented ‘Rana’ an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III. The play was adjudged the best play, and Zeeshan Khan and Arham  Sayeed  Quadri were declared the best actor and best actress respectively.

The play received accolade from Jonathan Gill Harris, the president of Shakespeare Society of India. After this performance the theatre group received a special invitation from Ashoka university to perform the play.

Another play of the theatre group- ‘Safarnama-’ written  and directed by our own student Zeeshan Khan has been presented in various colleges of Delhi University and also in Jamia Milia Islamia.

During the 4th Bhisham Sahni Book Fair in the college, the theatre group staged “Chief ki dawat’ a play written by the esteemed author Bhisham Sahni.

The Arts and Culture society also conducted a series of month long workshops in music under the guidance of Mohit Dobhal from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, after which they performed a musical presentation- ta na de re na. The members of the music group were invited by Oxford Book Store to perform in their inaugural program.


Convener :Dr. Anita Katna

 Zakir Husain Delhi College Girls Association organized a variety of programs that focused on overall development of the girl students.

Brief details of the programs conducted by the association during this academic year are:

An interactive session on Women Issues was conducted on October 5, 2015 by DrSamritiUppal, the visiting Gynecologist to the college.

A five day self-defense workshop was organized in collaboration with Delhi Police from October 6 – October 10, 2015.

A rangoli competition using plant waste only was held on February 19, 2016. The students participated in these events with great enthusiasm.

The association will also be holding the “Talent Search” Program on March 18 and March 21, 2016 during which various extracurricular activities like debate, singing mehndi art, food art, hidden talent and dance will be organized.  This competitive event receives overwhelming response from the students every year. The preliminary rounds for singing and dance competitions were held in February 2016.

The association hopes to organize more activities in future for the benefit of students.



Coordinator: Dr. Anita Katna

This year the Girls Association organized a Self-Defence Workshop and a  program on cancer awareness. Various extracurricular activities like mehendi, rangoli, poster-making and debatewere also held.



Co-ordinator: Dr Anita Katna

The society has always focussed on organizing a range of programs for the overall development of girl students. In November the society conducted a logo competition for selecting a logo for the society. This was followed by a talk on ‘Women’s Health and Well Being’ by Dr.MamtaSaxena from GLM Hospital.

A talent search program as well as many competitive events like mehendi, rangoli and poster making were organisedby the association in February, 2013.

In March the Girls Association organised a ‘Self Defence Workshop’ conducted by Delhi Police personnel. A demonstration of the self-defence skills for girls was given on March 19, 2013.




Coordinator: Dr. R. Prabhakar Rao

Srishti – the Nature and Environment Society of our College, has been actively raising environmental issues with the help and guidance from teachers and active participation from the students.

On August 11, 2015 the society organized a seminar  on Management of Coastal Areas in India with Ms Meenakshi Kapoor from Centre for Policy Research – Namati Environmental Justice Program.

A workshop on  RTI (Right to Information Act 2005) was organized on August 12, 2015 with RTI activist Akash Vashisht.

As a part of a recent project, a group of 40 students went to a ‘seed collection and preservation walk’ at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary.

On September 8, 2015, students planted a nursery at College, as an effort to preserve native trees.

An educational trip was organized to Kanha Tiger Reserve from the 25th to the 29th of October 2015.

Story on Dragonflies, a festival on Odonata, was held on  September 18, 2015.

Mr Ishtiyak Ahamed, from Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary conducted two workshops with the students in January 2016. A composting workshop (How to turn organic waste into organic manure) was held on January 12, 2016 with  Samidha Bansal from Daily Dump.

On 29 January, 2016 , Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), organized an enthusiastic session for the students and raised awareness about methods and benefits of conserving petroleum products and emission reduction.

On 29-30 January, 2016,The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) organized the YUVA (Youth Unite for Voluntary Action) Meet by bringing together young people from various parts of India and the world.  Our students participated and won the third prize in the YUVA meet photography competition.

On the 27th February 2016, an educational trip to Yamuna Biodiversity Park was organized. The annual festival of the society Jamboree was held on the 16th of March 2016 and was a grand success.



The Ecology Society of Zakir Husain Delhi College was established with the main aim to raise awareness about environmental degradation and has so far achieved high measures of success.

This year the Ecology Society kicked off its activities with the inaugural talk by Ms BAHAR DUTT, a renowned wildlife journalist and an environmentalist followed by a visit by one of the most talked about NGOs around the globe “GREENPEACE”.  Our next initiative was to educate the youth about trees by organising a TREE CENSUS under the guidance of Ms PADMAVATI DVIVEDI President and Founder of NGO COMPASSIONATE LIVING.During DIWALI the society, with the help of NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME (NSS) started an ANTI CRACKER CAMPAIGN along with the agenda to prevent CHILD LABOUR. In our much loved festival of colours, HOLI, the group organised a sale-cum-promotional event of organic and eco-friendly harmless colours and sensitised people about the effects of using the conventional chemical based colours.On 9th of March the Ecology Society went on a one day educational trip to ASOLA-BHATTI Wildlife Sanctuary with around 50 students to experience the beauty of nature. Every student was asked to prepare a report about their experience and share their views and insights.The ecology society students got the chance to join a global network of activists committed on taking the greatest challenge of our times, CLIMATE CHANGE. The Climate Reality Leadership Corps was founded by Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore in 2006. On February 22-24, 2015 the ecology society students got the chance to get trained personally by AL GORE and share information and skills during the training programme.


Ms. Dutt signing her book GREEN WARS



Coordinator: Dr. Malti Gupta

A campaign for a ‘Cracker-free Diwali’ was organized by the Nature and Environment Club.

The club also organized a one day ‘Environmental Education Trip’ to Khurja where students learnt about energy conservation and small scale eco-friendly industries.

The club also organized a painting competition and a trip to the Yamuna Biodiversity Park at Wazirabad.



 Co-ordinator: Dr. Malti Gupta

The club screened Planet Earth – Pole to Pole a BBC documentary in October, 2012. In January, 2013, the club organised day long activities based on the environmental protection including making rangolis from biodegradable waster. Besides this a ‘Herbal Haat’ and exhibition and sale of organic and natural products like haldi, honey and rajma was held in the college in February.

A guided trip to the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary was organised for the purpose of understanding our indigenous biodiversity.

The students also participated in a workshop on ‘Rhythms from the Riverbanks’ organized by TERI.




Coordinator: Dr. Malti Gupta

On 22ndSeptember 2011, a documentary by Sanjay Kak, In the Forest Hangs A Bridge, was screened.The club organised an exhibition-cum-sale of Organic foods, Natural products, seeds and seedlings, by the farmers from Uttaranchal through Beej Bachao Andolan and Vividhara on 2nd February, 2012 in the Auditorium Foyer and a sale of natural colours to promote a safe Holi was held in March. A photo exhibition by Ajay Mahajan on Nature Nurtures ~ Lives and Livelihoods received a good response by the visitors. On 7th Februrary 2012, the Club organised an excursion for the students to the Aravali Biodiversity Park.


Coordinator: Capt. (Dr.) M.M. Raheman


In the ARMY ATTACHMENT CAMP held in the Meerut cantonment between October and November, 18 cadets from our college participated and they were trained under the guidance of  JCOs of the17 Jat Regiment.
Cadets who participated in this camp are SUO Mansoor Khan,
SUO Manpreet Singh Dalal, JUO Ashish Kumar, JUO Abhishek Chaudhary, CDT Akshay Jain, CDT Vikas Kumar, CDT Usman Gani Khan, CDT Mohd.Imran, CDT Komal Singh Kushwaha, CDT Prince Chaudhary, CDT Satish Nishad, and CDT Harish Bhardwaj.

The ALL INDIA TREKKING CAMP was organised in Gujarat and 13 cadets of our College were selected. SUO Mansoor Khan and JUO Abhishek Chaudhary won the first position in Piloting.

The college NCC team also won the second position in the volleyball competition.
Other participants of this camp were – i) CDT Vikas Kumar
ii)  JUO  Rahul Bhardwaj.

Four cadets namely,

i) JUO Abhishek Chaudhary

ii) JUO Ajay Kumar

iii) CDT Prince Chaudhary

iv) CDT Harish Bhardwaj

 were selected for The CHIEF MINISTER’S RALLY.

The Delhi Directorate selected two cadets  named are SUO Mansoor Khan and JUO Atul Kumar Singh to participate in the  ADVANCED LEADERSHIP CAMP.

In The ANNUAL TRAINING CAMP of the 7 Delhi Battalion organised in September ten of our cadets –

I) SUO Mansoor Khan,

II) SUO Manpreet Singh Dalal,

III) JUO Ajay,

IV) JUO Rahul,

V) JUO Bhupender,

VI) CDT Pukar

VII) CDT Prince

VIII) CDT Harish Bhardwaj

IX) CDT Parveen

X) CDT Vikas Kumar participated.

In THE COMBINED  ANNUAL TRAINING CAMP of the 7 Delhi Battalion organised in June thirty cadets participated. Some of them are -
I) SUO Mansoor Khan

II) JUO Ankush

III) JUO Atul Kumar Singh

IV) JUO Pukar

V)  JUO Rahul Bhardwaj

VI)  JUO Washid

VII) JUO Ajay Kumar

VIII) CDT Vikas Kumar

The NATIONAL INTEGRATION CAMPS held in October in Tezpur and Siliguri were led by led by JUO Rahul Bhardwaj and JUO Ajay respectively. Along with them eight



 Coordinator: Captain (Dr.) M. M. Raheman

Zakir Husain Delhi College is known as the pride of the 7 Delhi Battalion in the Group ‘C’. Under the superb and enterprising guidance of our NCC officer, Captain (Dr.) M. M Rahman we are proud to be a part of the Delhi Directorate. The session 2014-15 witnessed a series of significant achievements. Camps are an integral part of a cadet’s life and the cadets of Zakir Husain Delhi College participated in full gusto.

  • The Republic Day Camp is considered to be the most significant camp in the NCC. The following cadets were selected this year: CDT Manpreet Singh Dalal, CDT Manish, and CDT Vikas Shakya.
  • The Army Attachment Camp was held in the Meerut cantonment between late October and early November. Eighteen cadets from our college participated in the camp where they were under the guidance of training JCOs of the 17 Jat Regiment.
  • The All India Trekking Camp, also known as the Sardar Patel Narmada Trek, was organised in Gujarat where thirteen cadets of our college got selected. The Delhi Directorate acquired the second position in this camp over others. In the camp, JUO Jagdish Prasad and JUO Manoj Kumar were elected as the best leaders, followed by CDT Rajat Kumar and JUO Manoj Kumar who had bagged the first position in Piloting in the Additional Directorate. Achieving second position in the volleyball competition was no less than a cherry on the cake for the college NCC.
  • The Chief Minister Rally takes place under the direct supervision of Delhi’s honourable Chief Minister. Four cadets of our college got nominated as well as selected in this camp. JUO Manoj Kumar, JUO Jagdish Prasad, JUO Hardik Sharma and CDT Akshay Jain.
  • At the Advanced Leadership Camp, the Defence officers provide cadets with rigorous training for SSB screening and for various other entrance examinations. Out of the four cadets selected by the Delhi Directorate, two, namely JUO Hardik Sharma and CDT Shiv Kant were from our college. Due to the sincerity of his service and the diligence of his effort, JUO Hardik Sharma played the role of the best leader of this camp.
  • The Annual Training Camp was organised in the month of September in which about forty cadets of the 7 Delhi Battalion were trained and improved their skills.
  • The Combined Annual Training Camp has always proved as a nostrum to cadets in terms of basic military training. It was organised in the month of June and thirty cadets of the 7 Delhi Battalion took part and yet again proved themselves the best of the rest.
  • The National Integration Camp was held in Bhubhaneshwar, Orissa in October. Out of the ten finalised cadets of the Delhi Directorate, four of them were of this prestigious college, namely: JUO Jagdish Prasad, JUO Manoj Kumar, JUO Hardik Sharma and CDT Abhay Kumar. It brings us pride and happiness to announce that as always, the cadets of Zakir Husain Delhi College attained the first prize in various cultural events in this camp.
  • The exciting and adventurous Snow Skiing Camp was organised in the Northern hilly regions of India – in Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir. Cadets were thoroughly trained at this scenic place. Out of four cadets selected by the Delhi Directorate, cadet Vikas Kumar of our college got in to this enduring camp.
  • Prize Distribution Ceremony: The function was organised on 16th March, 2015. The chief guest at the occasion was Group Captain Ranjib Sahoo (Group Commander, Group-C Headquarter). The guests of honour were Col. R.S. Hooda (Commanding Officer, 7 Delhi BN NCC), Surinder Jeet Kaur (ACP Chanakyapuri), Dr. R.K. Singh (Dy. Dean Academics, DU)


16th Annual Festival: The Annual Festival “SALUTE-2015” was also organised. The chief guest was Mr. Paramaditya, IPS (DCP, Central District)



Coordinator: Capt. (Dr.) M.M. Raheman

Zakir Husain Delhi College is known as the pride of 7 Delhi Battalion in the Group C. Like every year, 2013-2014 also witnessed a series of significant achievements.

(1) 25 cadets from our college were a part of the ‘Army attachment camp & combined by 14 Sikh’ in Meerut cantonment.

(2) In May – June 2013 CATC was organized by Group Headquarter ‘C’ at Delhi Cant in which 46 cadets from our college participated and won many prizes in different activities. Some of these are:

Ist Prize in painting competition won by SUO Nikhil Kumar Rajput,

Ist prize in Debate competition won by JUO Dileep Kumar,

Ist prize in 400 metre won by JUO Firoz Alam


Ist Prize in 100 metre won by cadet Rahul.

In January 2014, another CATC was organized by C Group at Safdarjung Enclave in which 96 cadets of our college participated.


(3) National Integration Camp or NIC at Jammu & Kashmir organized by the “Society of National Integration & the Ministry of Defence” was headed by JUO Himanshu Joshi.

In the NIC at Chennai SUO Nikhil Kumar Rajput, JUO Nitish, JUO Nitin & cadets Ashok won first prize in the ‘Culture Competition’.

The NIC Udaipur held at Rajasthan was lead by JOU Kamal, JOU Lakshay, cadet Suneel, cadet Vikas and cadet Manish. The cadets also won first prize in the volleyball competition.

(4) Chief Minister’s Rally :

Ten cadets of our college participated in the Chief Minister’s Rally organized by Delhi Police on 25th January, 2014. These cadets are: SUO Nikhil Kumar Rajput, JUO Abdul Karim, SUO Rajeev Sharma, cadet Nityanand, cadet Vikas Sharma, cadet Ashok, cadet Jagdish, cadet Ismile, cadet Kamal, cadet Vikas.

(5)The All India Adventure Trekking Camp – 2013 was held at Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh. Our cadets – JUO Firoz Alam, SUO Nikhil Raj Put, JUO Nitish, cadet Arshad participated in this camp.

Our cadet Mustkeem, Deepak and Ashok won IInd prize in singing and cadet Firoz Alam won the Ist prize in athletics. .

(6) Amar Jawan Jyoti (AJJ) :

Another special camp which is dedicated to the martyrs of the country is the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate. 31 candidates from all over the country are selected to present the Guard of Honour. We are proud to say that every year 12-15 of our cadets regularly get selected for this. This year too JUO Himanshu Joshi, SUO Nikhil Kumar Rajput, JUO Karim, cadet Arshad, cadet Vikas Shakya, JUO Rakesh, cadet Vikas from our college were selected to present the Guard of Honour.

(7) Thal Sainik Camp (TSC)

Thal Sainik camp is one of the highest and most prestigious camps in NCC. It is tough to even get selected for participation in this camp. Cadets from our college have however been regularly getting selected for this camp. This year JUO Abdul Karim was selected for this highly reputed Thal Sainik Camp & represented our college at all India level.

(8) Participation in the Republic Day Camp (RDC) is a rare honour and the ultimate dream of every cadet.  Every year 5-6 cadets from our college get selected for this camp. This year too 6 cadets from our college got selected for the camp, out of whom JUO Abdul Karim’s performance has been outstanding.

(9) Indian Military Academy (IMA):

IMA is a very significant NCC camp held at Dehradun. 121 cadets are selected for this camp from all over India out of which 6 are from Delhi Directorate. Only one cadet was selected from 7 Delhi Battalion ‘C’ group this time and he was Rajiv Sharma from our college.

(10) TheNCC Unit also celebrated its Inter College Annual festival “Salute 2014” in the presence of several dignitaries.

North-East Cell

Coordinator: Dr. D. Chao

North-East Cell of the college organized its first seminar cum cultural programme this year. Students displayed the traditional attires of different communities of the region in a beautifully choreographed show.




 Co-ordinator: Lt. M.M. Rehman

 The consistency of high achievement over the years has established the reputation of Zakir Husain Delhi College as the pride of the 7 Delhi Battalion group ‘C’. The NCC unit of the college repeated its remarkable achievements through the year and achieved spectacular success in many categories and activities of NCC.

Cadet Abdul Karim and Cadet Vikas Shakiya from our college were selected to participate in the “Republic Day Camp” which is considered to be the most prestigious camp in NCC.

NCC cadets from our college participated in many important camps like

  • “The Annual Training Camp of Delhi Directorate” in June, 2012
  • “The Annual Training Camp” at NavyugSchool, Sarojini Nagar in January 2013
  • The cadets took part in two “All India Trekking Camps” organized in Amarkantak and Bihar in October-November, 2012.
  • “The National Integration Camps” held in Maharashtra and Delhi

Our college cadets made their presence by winning various prizes in different categories.

It is with a great sense of pride that we announce that 17 of our cadets were selected for the presentation of the Guard of Honour to the martyrs at Amar Jawan Jyoti, Delhi.

The following cadets also took part in the wreath laying ceremony:

  • Senior Under Officer Rahul Gautam
  • Senior Under Officer Rajesh Mathur
  • Junior Under Officer Amit Kumar

Junior Under Officer Madan Singh

Junior Under Officer Updesh Kumar Chaurasia

Junior Under Officer Pankaj,

Cadet Prince Sherawat

Cadet Vinay Sharma

Cadet Chandan Jha

Cadet Arshad Khan

Cadet Rajiv

Cadet Rakesh

Cadet Pankaj Thakur

Cadet Rajneesh

Cadet Suraj

Cadet Amul

Cadet Ashok.

Senior Under Officer Rahul Gautam and Senior Under Officer Rajesh Mathur were the Air Guard Commander and the Army Guard Commander respectively.

Cadets from our college were also selected for the “Prime Minister’s Rally” held on January 28, 2013.

The inter-college annual festival of NCC- Salute-was organized on March 2, 2013. Lt Col Yaspal Ahalwat and IPS officer Ingit Pratap Singh graced the occasion with their presence.




Coordinator: Lt. Cdr M.M. Raheman

The NCC unit of Zakir Husain College, as part of 7 Delhi Battalion, Group ‘C’ under Delhi Directorate is known for its excellence and achievements and is also considered to be the pride of the NCC. Camps are held annually, as they are a part of every cadet’s life. Numerous camps were held at various levels which further enhanced the courage, inner strength and character of the cadets

Under the superb and enterprising guidance of our NCC Officer, Lt. (Dr.) M.M. Raheman, we are proud to be a part of the Delhi Directorate. We all know that our duty is our religion and our motto is our pride. As always, the session 2011-2012 also witnessed a series of significant achievements. The curiosity of cadets, their zest for learning and their hard work to prove themselves reached its zenith. Camps are an integral part of a cadet’s life, not only to enhance their courage, but also mirror their own strength in various spheres of adventure. Such types of activities allow a cadet to enhance his efficiency, both physically and mentally.

  1. The Republic Day Camp is considered to be the most significant camp in the NCC. It has always been an uphill task to be selected in this reputed camp, and those who were privileged enough to participate in this honourable camp this year were able to contribute to our College’s pride and honour.
  2. Arms Training Camp (ATC): In June, 2011, the ATC was organized by 7 Delhi Battalion in Baprolla. 30 cadets of our College participated and won many prizes in different activities. Some of them are:1st Prize in Drill Competition in which JUO Praveen was the Commander, 2nd Prize in Volleyball Competition, 1st Prize in Culture Competition, JUO Padam Singh won won 2nd Prize in Firing Competition. SUO Amir Mohammad was the Camp Senior and SUO Karan was 2IC.
  3. In another ATC Camp held at Baprolla from 27th December to 5th January 2012, a total of 40 Cadets participated from our College. We again won the 1st Prize in Drill Competition in which CDT Rajesh Mathur was the Commander.
  4. All India Trekking Camp (AITC): In the month of October, two AIT Camps were organized from the 2nd to the  22nd of October at Belgaum, Karnataka and from 4th to 17th October 2011 at Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh. In the AIT at Belgaum, 4 of our Cadets participated, namely, JUO Padam Singh, JUO Arun Kumar, JUO Praveen Kumar, JUO Thakur Kush Kumar. In the other Camp at Amarkantak, 7 of our Cadets participated, namely, JUO Ravi Kumar, JUO Alok, CDT Lucky Nagar, CDT Monu, CDT Jitendra Tiwari, CDT Updesh Kumar Chaurasia, CDT Mukul Gulati.
  5. National Integration Camp (NIC): The NIC was held from 10th to 21st October, 2011 in Sikkim. 3 Cadets participated, namely, JUO Dharmendra, CDT Dinesh Kumar, CDT Umesh Kumar. Another Camp was held from 18th to 29th November, 2011 at Delhi Cantt. 11 Cadets participated from our College. They were- SUO Amir Mohammad, JUO Manish Kumar, JUO Padam Singh, JUO Praveen Kumar, JUO Ravi Kumar, CDT Rahul Gautam, CDT Madan Singh, CDT Pankaj Kumar, CDT Amit Kumar, CDT Himanshu Joshi, CDT Mohit Singh. SUO Amir Mohammad was the Camp Senior. Another Camp was held from 15th to 26th January, 2012 at Maihar, Madhya Pradesh, 2 of our Cadets, namely, SUO Amir Mohammad and JUO Praveen Kumar participated in it.
  6. Amar Jawan Jyoti (AJJ): This is a special event which is conducted to pay tribute to those martyrs of the nation who have sacrificed their lives in order to protect the nation from its enemies. It is held at India Gate and is marked by the presentation of Guard of Honour to all the martyrs. The event took place on 26th November, 2011 (also in memory of the 26/11 massacre). It is a source of immense pride that 13 of our Cadets were selected for this prestigious event. Of these 13 Cadets, 9 Cadets were included in the Guard of Honour. They were, SUO Amir Mohammad, SUO Karan, JUO Mohammad Waseem, JUO Padam Singh, JUO Manish Kumar, JUO Praveen Kumar, JUO Ravi Kumar, CDT Rahul Gautam and CDT Madan Singh. CDT Pankaj Kumar, CDT Amit Kumar, CDT Himanshu Joshi, CDT Mohit Singh participated in the wreath laying ceremony. SUO Amir Mohammad was the AJJ Guard Commander and SUO Karan was the Army Guard Commander.
  7. Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC): The All India Mountaineering Course was held at Pehalgam, Jammu & Kashmir from 8th July to 6th August, 2011. SUO Amir Mohammad and JUO Manish Kumar attended this Camp. SUO Amir Mohammad was the All India Camp Senior and was selected as one of the best mountaineers. Both the Cadets were also graded “A”Grade.
  8. Officers’ Training Academy (OTA-SSB): There are only two OTAs under the NCC. One of them is at Gwalior for girls only and the other one is at Kamptee for only boys. In the OTA at Kamptee, a screening course is conducted twice a year in which all Cadets are taught how to face SSB Interviews. This time in October from 10th to 19th October, 2011, the second screening of OTA Kamptee was held and SUO Karan was the sole representative from our College.
  9. Para Slithering: A camp which is a once in a lifetime opportunity was attended by two of our Cadets- JUO Ganesh and Pankaj Kumar. They were also selected for the PM’s Rally held on 28th January, 2012.
  10. Republic Day Camp(RDC): In 2012, SUO Karan, JUO Mohammad Waseem, BHM Md. Daud Ali and CDT T. Probin Meiti were selected to attend this prestigious Camp. SUO Karan was selected for the All India Guard of Honour and JUO Md. Waseem participated in the Rajpath Marching Contingent.

Our NCC Cadets have once again shown us that the prestige of the college and upholding the nation’s pride and integrity is their duty without any question. This also reflects the fact that the youth of India are ever ready to win and overcome and challenges that come their way.


Coordinator: Dr.Pawan Kumar

Continuing with its firm belief in cinema as an instrument of education, the Bioscope Society organized the screening of some classic Hindi films like Gandhi, Pyaasa and Do Aankhein Barah Haath.



Coordinator: Pawan Kumar

The Bio-Scope Society has worked throughout the year to create awareness among students by regular screenings of new issue-based movies, followed by discussions.

Chimera: Photography and Videography Club 2016

Coordinator: Dr.Fahim Ansari

The society organized a workshop on the basics of photography and light. In this workshop, members were trained about working of a camera, the law of light and uses of different kinds of lenses.

Three photowalks were organized at Dilli Haat, Purana Quila and Delhi Zoo.

A member of the society, Nabeha Azim of B.A. (H) Philosophy, 3rd Year won the title of “creative bent” at the Photography competition of Daulat Ram College.

The society also conducted a workshop on portrait photography. Besides, the members of the society successfully covered all the major events of the college.



Coordinator: Dr.Fahim Ansari

Chimera completed one year on the 28th of September 2015. The Delhi University Photographers’ Club (DUPC) organises regular photowalks which are open to all members of CHIMERA. The first workshop organised by DUPC was at Jesus & Mary College. The Club organised a workshop, conducted by Anirudh Shrivastava on the rules of exposure, composition rules, attachments and accessories, white balance and dynamic frames. The Club covered several events organised by the Arts and Culture Society of the college on the occasion of Independence Day, ”Jasma Odan”, the fresher’s take off, “Ta Na De Re Na” and the Aadab annual fest. The students participated in many online and offline photography competitions organised by colleges across Delhi NCR. They also visited a farm near Mayur Vihar for a photo-expedition.



Co-ordinator:  Dr.Mohd. Fahim

The college photography club was inaugurated only five months back. It has however been very active and has organised workshops and discussions in areas like ‘Photography and Light’, wildlife photography and macro photography. The students also went for photo-walks through DilliHaat, INA and HauzKhas.  They also covered many college events like the play, “Kabira Khadah Bazaar Main” and the “Freshers’Takeoff”


Co-ordinator: Dr. M.M. Rehman

The members of the debating society brought accolades to the college by participating in and winning a number of national and state level debate competitions.

Saurabh Dwivedi and Manoj Yadav won the rolling trophy in the Lady Irwin College debate competition and bagged the second position in the Durga Bari state level memorial debate competition.

Rakesh Talukdar and Aditya Acharya were the winners in the Miranda House memorial debate competition.

Rakesh Talukdar also won the second position in the national debate organized by the Delhi University Students Union.



Coordinator: Dr. Ramesh Mehta

Debsoc, apart from organising the Intra-College and inter college debate and declamation, actively participated in Inter College and National debate competitions. An orientation of fresh debaters and an Intra college debate competition were held. College debating team of Manoj Kumar Yadav, Saurabh Dwivedi, Ashirvaad Hazarika, Aditya Acharya and others took part in debates and won laurels for the College. Continuing its excellent spree of past three years this year we won the inter-college rolling trophies including the one from Kalindi College.


Coordinator: Mr.Mukesh Kumar Jain

The session started with NSS volunteers organizing admissions Help desk. In September 2015 an orientation session was held with Dr. A. K. Singh, President, Rotary Club (Delhi Chapter).

To promote girl safety and empowerment, in collaboration with the Girls Association the NSS conducted self defense camp for girls.

A Health Awareness Programme with special reference to Dengue was organized during October, 2015. It received extensive coverage from media including Dilli Aaj Tak.

Another remarkable achievement for NSS unit of the college was selection of one student volunteer Ankit Kumar for the Pre-Republic Day Camp from September 25 to October 4, 2015; the training for which took place at Sikar, Rajasthan. This noteworthy accomplishment was furthered by selection of two NSS volunteers, Md. Zubair Ansari – B.A. (H) Hindi III year and Vatan Gupta – B.A. (H) Pol. Science III year in the 20th National Youth Festival, 2015 organized by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India at Raipur (Chhatisgarh) from 12th to 16th January, 2016.

In January, 2016 “Taarunya’16”, the first ever Two- Day National Youth Convention was organized to mark the National Youth Day on the birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi; Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi  Member of Parliament; Swami Shantatananda, Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission and Zeenatm Niazi amongst others participated in this convention. During January end, Oil Conservation awareness programme was organized in association with Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA).



 Coordinator: Mr.Mukesh Kumar Jain

The volunteers organized a help desk to guide and share information with students seeking admission in our college. The orientation programme, chaired by eminent scientist and a college governing body member, Dr.Shahid Jameel; was held in September 2014 to enroll volunteers. Two students, Sukhram and Mohit Kumar, both from Hindi (Hons.) III year; were selected for the Pre-Republic Day Parade. Two students, Deepak Kumar and Rohit Kumar, both from Hindi (Hons.) III year; were selected and participated in the Nineteenth National Youth Convention and Festival by the Government of India, at Guwahati, Assam. The Swach Bharat Abhiyan initiated by the Government of India was carried forward by organizing regular cleanliness drives, especially during Students elections week. The candidates lent a helping hand by advocating a litter free campaign. A number of activities were organized under the cleanliness drive such as poster making competition, holding an exhibition and observing weekly inspection of college. The other activities organized during the year included:-

  1. Flag distribution duringRepublic – Day Celebration at college
  2. Ekta March on RashtriyaEktaDiwas
  3. Blood Donation camp
  4. ” Say No to crackers” campaign during Diwali.
  5. Collection for J & K Relief
  6. Provision of assistance in college functions like Delhi College Lecture, Zakir Husain Memorial Lecture, Convocation, Annual Day etc.
  7. Lecture on Global Warming
  8. NSS Volunteers also participated in Nukkad Natak on the theme of ‘Child Rights’ in University Cultural Festival – Antardhvani 2015.


Co-ordinator: Dr.NadiraArif

The NSS unit of college continued the tradition of welcoming  newcomers by setting up a Help Desk during admissions for the session 2013-14.

In response to a call given by NSS, University of Delhi, to help flood victims of Uttrakhand, volunteers collected clothes, woollens, utensils medicines and eatables and handed these over to Goonj – an NGO. An activity based interactive workshop was held to help students to positively develop their personalities. A poster competition was also held.

A seminar on children with special needs, with a focus on mental disability was also organised.  A Blood Donation Camp organised by the Red Cross Society where a large number of students donated blood.

Several Students also participation in National Camps and Programs.

Sachin Kumar Verma , BA (Hons) English, III Yr, attended the NSS Mega Cultural Camp at Bangalore University

Anupkumar, BA (Hons) Hindi, III Yr, attended Pre Republic Day Camp at Mohali, Chandigarh

Sushmita Mukherjee, BA (Hons) Hindi, III Yr, participated in the International Volunteer Day Program held in Delhi.



Co-ordinator: Dr.NadiraArif

Keeping up with the tradition of sensitizing and assisting students, the NSS unit of the college organised the Help Desk for admissions at the start of the academic term.

NSS volunteers helped in the organization of Independence Day assembly and distributed wearable flags to all participants.

The NSS organised several social service campaigns such as a cancer awareness program, an anti- drug and anti-ragging campaign, a ‘Nukaad Naktak’ on safety of women, as well as a blood donation camp.

Volunteers also visited Cheshire Home and cheered up the inmates.

QUIZ SOCIETY (Quintessence) 2016

Coordinator: Dr.SangitaPandita

 The society organized Quiz athon, a series of intra-college quizzes in September, 2015. The second season of CONOSCENZA- an inter-college-interschool quiz event, took place on 13th October, 2015.

The Annual Inter-College Quizzing Fest-CHAKRAVYUH was held in February, 2016. Quintessence members represented the college at various intercollegiate/national level quizzes and have brought laurels to the college. Our student KartikPuri bagged the second position in World Quiz organized by Youth Forum on Foreign Policy in Guwahati.

Quintessence, the Quiz Society of Zakir Husain Delhi College, endeavours foster quizzing skills and promote scholastic excellence and competence among students of the college.

The Society organizes many intra college quizzes and one intercollegiate quiz fest, QUINTESSENCE, every academic year. The Society envisions making quizzing a wholesome co-curricular learning experience for students across disciplines.



Coordinator: Dr. Sangeeta Pandita

The Quiz Society ‘Quintessence’ organized a series of inter-college quizzes featuring General Quiz, India Quiz, Business Quiz and Science and Technology Quiz. The Society’s annual inter college event saw the ‘Quintessence’ members like Kartik Puri, Saawan Singh, Piyush Goel and others representing our college at various inter college and national level quizzes and bagging podium positions.



Co-ordinator: Dr.Ratnum K. Wattal

The Quiz Society of the college organized Quiz olypmpics, a series of intra college quizzes in areas like sports, music, entertainment, mythology amongst. An exclusive “Women Achievers Quiz” was also conducted only for women.

Quintessence members represented and competed in quiz competitions organised by FICCI, AIMA, NIIT, IIT, the embassy of Sweden, the British Council and many DU colleges. Our student Kartik Puri won the inter-university quiz organized by ITS.

The society also organised the inter-collegiate event, Quintessence – a three day quizzing event in March 2012.



Coordinator: Dr. RatnumKaulWattal

Quintessence, the quiz society, organized a total of 7 intra college quizzes and 6 inter college quizzes in the college for the 2011-12 session. The society flagged of its activities by hosting a Quiz Week in the College Auditorium which was held in September 2011. QUINTESSENCE- the inter college quiz competition from 29th January- 2nd February 2012. Salil Singh and Jitender Bisht represented the college at the Nobel Prize quiz hosted by the Swedish embassy on October 2011. Uddipan Sharma came 1st in the Cricket quiz organized by AIIMS as part of Pulse 2011 on August 2011. He later came 2nd in the sports quiz organized as part of the same event. Prakash Pathak came 3rd in the Bollywood quiz hosted as a part of Pulse 2011 at AIIMS. Uddipan Sharma came second in the sports quiz hosted as part of Antaragni 2011 at IIT Kanpur. Besides, Jasojeet Mukherjee came 3rd amongst apool of 5000 participants in Quiz Guru 2012 which was organized by ITS, Ghaziabad at their college premises in February 2012. Jitender Bisht and Saad Ashraf were the college winners of the same event which was held on February 2012 at the college.